Can I just say every time there is a new illustration I think to myself "This one is my favorite" seriously. so talented love your work!

So sweet! Thank you :)

I fell in love with your illustration. Absolutely gorgeous! Amazing work!

thank you! x

Getting the body right on figures is so hard ! How do you do it ? Tips ?

if you have the chance to take a figure drawing course or workshop I think that’s helpful, otherwise fashion illustration books have a lot of croquis you can reference as you practice and build your technique

What are the best pencils for sketching ?

it really just depends what you’re using them for… I like staedtler pencils for my sketches

Wow!!! Your stuff is just amazing. I fell in love the moment I clicked onn your blog. Do you do this for fun?

some of it for fun, some of it as my side business :)

I used to sketch in elementary and middle school but it was real amateur stuff but I've really been considering getting back into it. I just want advice when sketching body figures and details because since I've tried I realize how much I suck 😓

I find it helpful to look at the poses and stances of models in catalogs and streetstyle photography on Pinterest. figure drawing books are great to reference too. and then just practice. good luck! x

Your illustrations are absolutely beautiful!! You are amazing!

thank you so much! xo