do you have a personal tumblr or just one for your illustrations? they're amazing, and i feel as if you are as well! :)

thank you! I just post my illustrations on tumblr, but use my pinterest account more for other style related imagery. :)

You are an amazing artist. I am ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED AND IN LOVE with your pieces! You are so talented and your blog makes me so happy :) lol i wish you so much success!

thank you so much! x

Have you ever thought about selling your sketches? They are amazinggg!!!

I actually sell my prints on Etsy: 

Can I just say every time there is a new illustration I think to myself "This one is my favorite" seriously. so talented love your work!

So sweet! Thank you :)

I fell in love with your illustration. Absolutely gorgeous! Amazing work!

thank you! x

Getting the body right on figures is so hard ! How do you do it ? Tips ?

if you have the chance to take a figure drawing course or workshop I think that’s helpful, otherwise fashion illustration books have a lot of croquis you can reference as you practice and build your technique